RE planning guidance for schools 2017-18

The new Kent Agreed Syllabus (KAS) was launched on 21st November 2017, rendering the previous KAS (2011) obsolete from September 2018.

There are two options available for schools depending on whether you have attended Understanding Christianity training (Option 1) or not (Option 2).

Option 1

Schools who are implementing Understanding Christianity

Following the launch of the new  RE Kent Agreed syllabus on 21st November, The Diocese of Canterbury has published its planning overview to  Primary schools. If you are attending the launch days, there is no need to buy the planning at the KCC  launches as the diocese has purchased these on  behalf of its church schools.

Unit Planning:


Schools should develop their plans using the Understanding Christianity materials

Other faith units:

Unit planning for all year groups will be provided for free directly to church schools who pay the core service charge. Other schools may be charged separately. The new planning units will not be available on the website and old planning will be removed early in the New Year.

 All units have been covered using a mixture of  planning which has either been written by Diocesan officers or purchased from RE today on the schools’ behalf. These will be sent to the registered RE leader or offered to schools before Christmas. They planning is copyright and cannot be passed on to other schools. Please contact Niki  Paterson or Rebecca Swansbury for further details or clarification.

Option 2

Schools who have not yet undertaken the Understanding Christianity training. 

Please continue to follow the Diocese plans from the old Kent agreed syllabus (2011) until the launch of the new syllabus and planning from November 21st. Please note however the old RE planning will be removed from the Diocese website on 31st December 2017.

If you have not yet been of the UC training please book please contact Sarah Wilson.

SIAMs inspectors consider the UC resources and planning to be the benchmark for providing a rich and varied enquiry approach to raise the religious literacy of all children. (Statement of entitlement.)

Enquiry based learning

All planning, UC planning and the new KAS planning, is based on an enquiry based learning model. The enquiry units and resources below could be used alongside the suggested overview to support and enhance the teaching of RE in schools.

Enquiry based learning teaching model (Word). PowerPoint presentation.

Find out more: book a place on the enquiry based learning training.

Example plans for enquiry based learning (below)