Revised RE Schemes of Work

Based on the Kent Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education

July 2014

These schemes of work are intended for Church schools in the Diocese of Canterbury. Many parts of them are also useful for Community Schools. The schemes of work are not mandatory. They illustrate one possible way of fulfilling the Kent Agreed Syllabus. Please note: Religious Education remains a statutory part of the curriculum for schools and academies.

Please note: Units of work have been written for specific year groups with appropriate Attainment Targets included. Units can be taught in a different order within the year groups with the exception of the Christianity units because they have been written to include the appropriate festivals at the appropriate times of year.

We would like to thank Virginia Corbyn for the original schemes of work on which these plans have been based. These plans would not have been possible without the hard work of the following teachers:

  • Brenda Naden – St Peter’s Methodist Primary School, Canterbury
  • Robyn Powney – Lympne C.E. Primary School
  • Lucy St John – Herne Infant School
  • Rhianna Bridges – Cartwright and Kelsey Primary School, Ash
  • Rowan Mann – Deal Parochial School
  • Denise Parrett – Herne Junior School
  • Sarah Muddle – Northbourne C.E. Primary School
  • Sue Tomsett – Goodnestone C. E. Primary School
  • Debbie Pye – Sholden C. E. Primary School
  • Tricia Martin – Assistant Director of Education, Canterbury Diocese
  • Rose Cope – Kingsdown and Ringwould school

Finally, we would also like to extend our thanks to Robyn Powney for editing the KS1 plans and Brenda Naden for overseeing, editing and collating all the final documents.

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Early Years Foundation Stage

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6