Fresh Approach to Collective Worship

Support and guidance for planning and leading Collective Worship in Church of England Schools.

Below are a number of resources which have been written to support schools in planning Collective Worship that is suited to their school and context. They are just a guide and there is no expectation to follow them explicitly. Our hope is that schools will use these resources to enable all teachers to feel more confident in planning and leading acts of collective worship in their school context.

Many of these documents have been produced following conversations and feedback from teachers across the Diocese, so we hope they provide you with an injection of inspiration and creativity as you plan your acts of collective worship.

This page is still a work in progress and will be added to throughout the year. Not all the plans will look the same or be written in the same detail, as we want to give some ownership back to schools when planning acts of collective worship.

Fresh Approach to Collective Worship – Support and guidance for planning and leading Collective Worship in Canterbury and Rochester Diocesan Schools document.

This document aims to support Collective Worship leaders and teachers in understanding the different elements and expectations of collective worship in Church of England schools.

Yearly planning overview document (Excel format)

This editable document is for the academic year 2018-19. It sets out where all the Christian festivals and charity events are within the year. It also shows the liturgical colour for each day. This will help subject leaders have a long term overview when planning in topics and events to be celebrated during collective worship.

Fresh approach 4 year plan overview document

This document sets out a new 4 year overview for collective worship planning that could be adopted and tweaked by schools. It follows the church calendar and provides topics for each term that go chronologically through the Bible.

Blank planning grid (Word format)

Prayers to use in school (booklet)

Anglican Collective Worship

Year A

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Topic overviews

These overviews give examples of how a theme could be explored over a term. There are Bible passages, key questions and links to websites for each act of worship. The termly overviews do not have to be followed in the order suggested. Alternative plans and stories should be included to personalise it to the context and vision of the school.

For more information or support with Collective Worship in your school please contact Rebecca Swansbury at