Collective worship

Collective worship in Diocesan schools in Canterbury Diocese schools is a highly valued and set apart time in the school day and week, where the whole school community can gather together in a time that is honoring and worthy to God.

All schools are required by law to provide pupils/students with a daily act of collective worship regardless of whether or not they are a Church school. The difference with church schools lies in the fact that all acts of worship must be Christian. This means that they should be based on the Bible and the life and teaching of Jesus. The whole school community involves all pupils and all staff, unless they have sought the right to withdraw from acts of worship.

For the model Collective worship policy and collective worship monitoring sheets for both adults and children explore the policies and guidance page. 

For more information or support with Collective Worship in your school please contact Rebecca Swansbury at

William and Lucy Lead Collective Worship resource book

A resource book to support the ‘Enabling and supporting pupil leaders in collective worship’ resource pack.

 Fresh Approach to Collective Worship

New support and guidance for planning and leading Collective Worship in Church of England Schools.

Original Collective Worship plans

The original collective worship plans, written by Canterbury and Rochester Diocese, provide teachers with many useful ideas and planned acts of worship.

Collective Worship planning resources

There are so many fantastic websites with plans and ideas for collective worship that are worth investigating and using to support acts of worship in school. These are all found on the resources page.