Collective worship

All schools are required by law to provide pupils/students with a daily act of collective worship regardless of whether or not they are a Church school. The difference with church schools lies in the fact that all acts of worship must be Christian. This means that they should be based on the Bible and the life and teaching of Jesus.

Together with the Diocese of Rochester, we provide acts of worship which can be used in schools. They can be used as they are or adapted to fit your own circumstances.

We also provide general  guidance for worship in schools.

Collective Worship planning materials for Rochester and Canterbury Dioceses are provided on a 3 year rolling programme. E.g.: schools should return to Autumn 2012 planning for use in Autumn 2015.  The materials are written as a resource for schools which can be adapted and changed to suit the particular needs of each individual school.

Summer Term 2015/2018

Spring Term 2015/2018

Autumn Term 2014/2017

Summer Term 2014/2017

Spring Term 2014/2017

Autumn Term 2013/2016

Summer Term 2013/2016

Spring Term 2013/2016

Year 1, Terms 3 & 4

Term 3

Please use the Lent Worship for the week in which Ash Wednesday falls

Term 4

Autumn Term 2012/2015

For more information or support with Religious Education in your school please contact Rebecca Swansbury at