Children and Schools

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Mission Statements

Encompassed by the statement: living faith, building community, transforming lives, the Diocese of Canterbury is committed to the following three objectives:

  • * To grow the church numerically and spiritually
  • * To re-imagine ministry
  • * To build partnerships that enrich communities

In accord with these objectives the Children, Schools and Young People’s (CSY) Framework has developed the following vision statement:

‘To ensure that every child and young person in the Diocese is at the heart of mission, having the opportunity of a life-enhancing encounter with the Christian faith and the person of Jesus Christ; that they reach their God-given potential and are an integral part of church life.’

Our overall strategy for 2016 was imagined and written to realise both the Diocesan objectives and the Framework vision statement and comprises four focus areas:

* Communion and Communication
* Soaring on wings like eagles – achieving the best possible outcomes for children
* A Vocation to Children
* Whole Church


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Events and Training

Each year and as part of the service provided to schools from their annual contributions to the Diocese, we provide a training package and various events and conferences. Read more »