Cathedral to receive Harvest Torch

For the first time, Canterbury will receive the Harvest Torch at the annual Kent County Harvest Thanksgiving Service, which takes place on Sunday 4th October at 3.15pm in Canterbury Cathedral.

The torch is being received in recognition of the special efforts made by the Diocese of Canterbury and the Cathedral to mark Harvest.

The torch is part of the National Bring Home the Harvest Campaign which aims to encourage more people to get involved with local harvest celebrations. Made by a master black smith and covered with apples and fronds of wheat to symbolise the harvest, the torch will travel from its current home in Birmingham Cathedral where it will then reside in Canterbury Cathedral for the rest of the season.

Organised by the Diocese of Canterbury’s Communities and Partnerships Framework, all are welcome to attend the service which provides a wonderful opportunity for people to celebrate all that the county provides both locally and nationally, rightfully deserving its reputation as the Garden of England.

The address will be given by Lt Gen Sir Barney White-Spunner, former Executive Chairman of the Countryside Alliance, who has spoken widely on the role of the Church in rural areas. There will also be the usual collection for the local branches of the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) and The Farming Community Network (FCN) both of whom seek to offer both practical and financial support to those in crisis in Kent’s rural and farming communities.