Week 4

In November, Refugee Officer Domenica Pecoraro spent a day with volunteers in Calais to try and understand the current situation facing migrants in the area. Plans to create a post in Calais to serve the needs of the local community, migrants and volunteers, have finally come to fruition, and full details of a joint post between the Dioceses of Canterbury, Europe, and the charity USPG, will be announced in the New Year. As Domenica discovered, the need in this area is still great, meaning the post is more vital than ever. Read more »


Week 3: Kent Winter Night Shelters

Just last week the Christian charity, Housing Justice, described as ‘appalling’, new figures showing that the number of people having to use church and community night shelters had doubled in the past four years

As the Development Worker for Together Canterbury, Keith Berry is the key liaison between the Diocese and the church winter shelters in Kent. In this week’s Advent Justice Appeal blog, he writes about the lives changed by these shelters, and how donations from last year’s campaign have been used.

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Week 2: Working with the Children’s Society to address the needs of young refugees in Kent

Offering sanctuary to young unaccompanied asylum seekers became a contentious issue in Kent, as the county quickly became one of the main areas offering some sort for provision to this vulnerable group of people. Understanding the needs of young unaccompanied asylum seekers in our communities has since become a key area of focus for the Diocese. 

As we enter the second week of Advent, Canon Caroline Pinchbeck, Director of the Diocese’s Communities and Partnerships Framework, offers this week’s Advent Justice Appeal blog entry. She writes about how partnerships with organisations like the Children’s Society have supported our concern for young refugees, and why your donations to further develop this work are so important. Read more »


Week 1: ‘Still being vigilant to the voice of those seeking refuge’

This is now the third year that the Diocese has run its fundraising Advent Justice Appeal. It was first prompted by the desperate situation of those in the camp known as the ‘jungle’ in Calais, and the humanitarian crisis which saw huge numbers of people embark on treacherous journeys to try and reach Europe. While some things have changed, in many ways the situation remains the same: people are still desperate, still vulnerable and still in need of human compassion and attention. 

Refugee Officer, Domenica Pecoraro writes about why our support for work on this issue must continue: Read more »