The Rhythm of The Lord – through The Bible in Verse

When I was approached by Jenny to write a review of her latest book, ‘The Rhythm of The Lord – through The Bible in Verse’, I did not know quite what to expect. In fact the book is a fascinating and engrossing interpretation of each book of the Old and New Testaments in rhyming verse.

Now, writing one’s own poetry is difficult enough, but Jenny gave herself an enormous challenge by tying herself to a framework of books – several of which are great works of poetry anyway – and all of which will be familiar to millions of Christians. She has risen to the challenge triumphantly! Not only has she managed to capture the essence of each book from the Old Testament, she has devoted the major part of the book to the New Testament. Each book is treated to a skilful and reverent reconstruction in rhyming verse. All the stories you know and love are there. From the urgency of Mark to the philosophy of John; a masterly interpretation of Paul’s letters with all their anguished personal asides; to the beautifully simple letters of Peter, John and James the spirit of The Lord is there.

Only someone who knows and loves The Bible and has studied it over a long and eventful life could have contemplated such a book and brought it to such vivid and triumphant life! Obtain your own copy – you will not be disappointed! Find a favourite passage and you will be uplifted by Jenny’s verses. One of mine is from the prophet Amos – and here is part of Jenny’s version to show you what I mean:

‘But not all was well with all of the people,
The rich were oppressing the poor,
Religion was no more an integral part
And they were forgetting God’s law’.

I really cannot recommend this book too strongly. It will grip you, transport you, inspire you and set you thinking anew of the wonders of God and the inspiration he offers so freely to human kind, yesterday, today and forever.

Ian Gordon for the ‘Mentor’