Bishop of Manchester’s letter in The Times


The drive for peace and stability in North Africa and the Middle East is, as the Prime Minister says, the proper priority for a long term solution that addresses the ever increasing numbers of people fleeing north into Europe. It’s a welcome acceptance that the problem is not the attractiveness of life in Malmo or Middlesbrough, it’s the impossibility of living safely and securely any longer in their homelands. But for those desperate enough to risk their children’s lives, in rickety boats and airless container lorries, the luxury of long term hope is not an option. The crisis is here and now.

Charities and churches in the UK stand as ready as their counterparts in Germany and elsewhere to play a proper part in helping assimilate an equitable and realistic number of refugees into Britain. We did so with past crises in Vietnam and Uganda; we can do it again. We call on political leaders of all persuasions to seize the present moment, and work with us so that Britain once again becomes a haven for those for whom life has become a hell.
+ David Walker

Bishop of Manchester