Annual Finance Requirements 2016 year end

Each PCC is required to hold its annual Parochial Church Council meeting not later than 30 April 2017.

At the annual meeting the financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2016 should be presented.  A copy of the financial statements (and annual report) must then be sent to the diocese within 28 days of the annual general meeting. Please address these to the Finance Department at Diocesan House.

A summary of the financial situation of the PCC is also required for statistical purposes by the Church of England. This must be submitted by 31 May. This should be completed online. User name and password details should be requested from Mark Binns at the diocese ( if not already held. Login details may already be held by a Church Warden or Data Administrator as the same log in details are used for the Statistics for Mission return (which is due by 31 January 2017). If in doubt as to who holds login details please contact Mark Binns.