Question and Answer

Q   What is Authorised Lay Ministry (ALM) Training

A   ALM training is quality introductory level training in a range of church ministries to equip students to confidently develop their ministry with the support and guidance of their incumbent and parish.

Q   Do I need certain educational qualifications to undertake ALM Training?

A   No. There are no academic pre-requisites for ALM training.

Q   Are there any Diocesan Courses which I must complete prior to ALM training?

A   Yes, all ALM elective students need to have completed the 8 session Deepening Discipleship course prior to commencing an ALM elective*. In addition those wishing to study the ALM Healing and Wholeness elective need to have completed the Introductory Healing and Wholeness course run by the Living Well. Some Elective courses are ‘add-ons’ assuming the completion of previous electives.

* Readers and those who have previously completed an ALM course are exempt from this requirement

Q   I’m interested in ALM training – Do I need the support of my local church?

A   Yes. In order to study ALM elective courses a student must have the support of the Incumbent and the PCC.

Q.   What time commitment will I need to give to the course?

A   This will vary according to the elective course studied but will typically involve 16 x 2 hour sessions, weekly preparatory work and a learning review. Most courses will have a Reading List for those who wish to go deeper than is possible in a two hour study session.

Q   What support can I expect from the ALM Administration and Tutors

A   You can expect that the tutors will create an environment conducive to an adult group learning experience, and that they will be open and approachable. You can expect that the administrative team will endeavour to answer your questions promptly.

Q   What role will my Church play in my training?

A   The role of the local church is vital in successful ALM training. All ALMs must have a Training Minister*, who should undertake to meet regularly with the student to support their learning and to agree with the student suitable practical experience within the parish.

* In most instances this will be the Incumbent, but it may be a person nominated by the Incumbent

Q   On completion of my ALM elective course will I automatically be authorised to serve in my parish?

A   No. The decision on whether to authorise is taken in the parish by the incumbent in conjunction with the PCC.

Q   I’ve already completed an ALM elective course, can I study another Elective?

A   Yes, providing your application has the support of your incumbent and PCC. A number of previous students have studied a second elective, either to enhance their current ministry or to develop a new ministry.

Q   Where can I find out more?

A   Read the ALM Leaflet, Course Guide and Electives Summary booklet available in downloads.