2 December

Tom Radcliffe is a founding member and volunteer with Help Calais; a group based in London and Kent coordinating supplies and volunteers for the camp in Calais. His account of his recent visit to the camp in Calais highlights why volunteers are still urgently needed to work in the warehouse, as well as provide outreach to those living and helping in Calais. Read more below. #adventjustice

“Since August, things have changed dramatically – the numbers in the Jungle in Calais have surged from 2,000 to between 7 and 8,000, producing chronic overcrowding, social problems, food, shelter and clothing shortages. Huge fires which leave hundreds suddenly without anything have become a regular part of weekly life. There is a much greater influx of women and children. The minimal support from French NGOs has dropped off. Medicines du Monde – the only official medical service – has left the camp completely just as the winter is coming. We need powerful and consistent support for the dwindling number of hardcore volunteers to continue through the harsh winter. We have set up a warehouse with Auberge which receives donations from all over Europe from which we distribute to the camp and we are building shelters as fast as we can go but we need help. Help in the form of financial donations, volunteering for building, distribution, and people experienced in counselling, social work and peace-making to support the refugees and volunteers on the ground.”

For volunteering either in the Jungle or the Warehouse please contact;

For outreach please contact: Tom or Shizuka at;

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