My testimony – Debbie Alcock

I am 48 years old and as a child through to my late teens I was full of faith and Jesus’s love for me. Sadly my Vicar at that time shunned my sister for her sexuality. I felt I could no longer worship in a church that did not practice the love I saw in the Gospels, and so I sought another church family. I did not find one, and over the years I drifted away from being a practising Christian. At this time my life began to get hard, but I consoled myself that I was doing God’s work through my work protecting children. Read more »

My testimony – Tom Keenan

I was brought up in a non-Christian family, but a really loving one at that! One summer when I was 15, I met a girl who suggested I come along to a youth group, after hearing it was about God I mentioned, “I don’t believe in God, but if you’re going I’ll be there!” Read more »

My testimony – Val

As a child, I went to a convent school. At weekends, I went to a strict Baptist church. There you were expected to be baptised at 13, and although I was baptised then, I didn’t at that time make a personal commitment to God. I was always very aware of God – but I had had no personal experience, no personal encounter with God at that stage.

Years later, probably when I was around 20, a lady gave me a book to read. Read more »

My testimony – Naomi Smith

I have grown up in a Christian family. Being Christian was completely normal – mum and dad read us faith-based bedtime stories, we said Grace at mealtimes, I was always the annoying one to get the right answers at Sunday School. I had a strong sense that God loved us, but I never really told God that I loved him.

When I was 16, I went to a Youth Service at St Peter & St Paul, Lynsted. Read more »